Protective effect of curcumin on cisplatin-induced genotoxicity in human leukocytes cultur

V. G. Abilash


Aim: Curcumin known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties was studied for its protective effect against genotoxicity when administered in conjunction with cisplatin. Materials and Methods: Cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay was performed to determine whether the genotoxicity caused by cisplatin is reduced in human leukocyte cells when administered with curcumin. Results: Cells in the control (C1 and C2) uniformly exhibited a large amount of mononucleated and binucleated cells, but there were significant differences between the cells scored in the test and radioprotective samples. Conclusion: Two-factor ANOVA was performed. F = 4.089605735 and FC = 3.07246699 between samples and F = 1.505376 and FC = 2.4875777 show that there is significant variation in the action of curcumin both between the samples and within the samples

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