Boerhavia diffusa: One plant with many functions

Dr. Somenath Ghosh


Today’s world is full of different diseases due to our hasty schedule, and to cure diseases, a huge number of medicines are consumed everyday to control/cure those diseases. Thus, willingly or unwillingly, we are forced to store a great amount of chemicals which are toxic/harmful in our body. Thus, these stored chemicals create another disease in our body, and to cure it, another medicine is needed which adds up more toxic chemicals which were already stored. Hence, the uses of natural/herbal medicines are increasing day by day due to their biodegradable nature. In this context, a number of bioproducts are in use in India, but the use of Boerhavia diffusa was not so common in previous decades. Later on, a number of researches had been conducted to examine its therapeutic efficacy as a natural medicine. The chemical presents in the plant which makes it as exceptionally useful plant is now been traced out. Now, it is regarded as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiaging, anticancerous, antiapoptotic, and antidiabetic compound. In this review, we will try to discuss the multifunctional application of the plant and also we will try to summarize the futuristic research on this plant.

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