Application of antibacterial and water repellent finish for sewage cleaners workwear

C.S. Sentthil Kumar


Background: The work is about “Development of workwear for sewage cleaners.†Antibacterial and water repellent finish has been applied to the cotton woven fabric to be developed into a workwear for sewage cleaners. Materials and Methods: The Aloe vera (150 gpl, 75 gpl, and 50 gpl) has been applied to the fabric imparting antibacterial activity by the pad-dry-cure method. The A. vera treated fabric was then imparted with water repellence using fluorocarbon (80 gpl and 50 gpl) using the pad-dry-cure method. Results and Discussion: The effectiveness of antibacterial, water-repellent finish for various concentrations were tested. The tests include comfort and chemical property to ensure the performance properties of the textile fabric. The basic test done here is antibacterial, water repellent, wettability, wickability, air permeability, and water permeability. Conclusion: The research shows that the wettability and wickability decrease in the coated fabric as the concentration increases. Moreover, the antimicrobial activity of the cotton fabric against Escherichia coli is restricted after it has been treated with A. vera. Thus, it is inferred that work wear treated with A. vera and fluorocarbon provide better hygiene to the sewage cleaners.

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