Antidiabetic potential of the combination of fermented soy milk and flaxseed milk in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

Veerabhuvaneshwari Veerichetty


Type-1 diabetics are an autoimmune disease first appears at childhood or early adolescence. The prevalence of this disease is increasing around the world and no preventive procedure exists. The naturally effective flaxseed and soybeans have various health benefits. The study was carried out to evaluate the effects of probiotic soy and flaxseed milk in alloxan-induced rats. Methods: Fermented soy and flaxseed milk (FSFM) was screened for their antidiabetic potential in alloxan-induced diabetic rats using the oral route. Fermented milk with probiotics increases the efficacy of isoflavones in the treatment of diabetic mellitus. Single and multiple dose (28 days) studies were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of the fermented milk through blood glucose level, body weight, hematological profile, estimation of insulin level, biochemistry parameters, as well as homeostatic model assessment for insulin resistance. Results: Intraperitoneal administration of alloxan into the rats caused significant diabetogenic response with increase in the levels of blood sugar as compared with normal rats. As a control, metformin was used to compare the potential of FSFM in rats. Oral administration of low dose and high dose of FSFM significantly reduced blood glucose level in normoglycemic and alloxan-induced hyperglycemic rats with comparative increase in the insulin production as that of metformin dose. There were no evident hematological changes in all the groups. The body weight and feed intake of the diabetes induced rats were increased after treatment with FSFM throughout the study period as compared with the normal and diabetic control group. Conclusion: The observed data showed the antidiabetic potential of FSFM against Type-1 diabetes of alloxan-induced rats and can be used as an antidiabetic supplement. Clinical Impact: At present, there is no effective medication to cure Type 1 diabetics. The available treatments are causing number of side effects in long-term usage. The present study on flaxseed and soy milk shows that it is effective in reducing Type 1 diabetics without any after effects.

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