Probiotics- A new diabetes management tool

Pranav Kumar Prabhakar


Diabetes mellitus is commonly known worldwide by the name of diabetes which occurs in all age groups. About >90% of diagnosed patient specially are Type-2 diabetes. The hallmark of Type 2 diabetes developments is increased insulin resistance, whereas Type 1 is related to less production of insulin which leads to uncontrolled hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia slowly produces mild-to-very serious complications in patient mainly affecting vital organs such as blood vessels, eyes, neurons, nephrons, heart, and brain which increase the risk of heart attack, retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, and stroke. Proper management of hyperglycemia is a key to prevent from diabetes and its complications. This concept has attracted many researchers to target various cells and tissue through special remedy so that hyperglycemia can be managed and complications can be reduced. The patient shows numerous side effects during therapy. There is craving demand for the proper cure of diabetes by sufferers. In this aspect, probiotics can be more helpful if proper research and formulation are done. Probiotics are good microorganism which can control hyperglycemia and its complications by utilizing and modifying glucose before absorption. Appropriate research is required to make strategy for searching and formulating good microorganism to be used as probiotics for the regulation of blood glucose and prevention from complexity.

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