Comparative infrared spectra analysis of one territory soil humic acids by IR-EXPERT computer system

Yu. M. Deryabina


Background and Objective: Humic acids (HAs) extracted from different soils of the Western Tuva have been studied using infrared-EXPERT information-analytical computer system and database. Methods: A total of 10 samples of HA were extracted from the humic horizon of some modern soils of the Western Tuva according to standard methods. Results: The most similar spectral analogs, their structures, and structural fragments of the HA have been identified and compared with those, which had been investigated earlier. Conclusion: Analysis of the obtained 10-node fragments showed that all HAs contain a linear, weakly branched, conjugated chains of double C-C-bonds. HA of mountain chestnut soils, with high probability, contains fragments of aromatic amines and amides.

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