Study of commercial product range and rules of use of medical thermometers

I. I. Baranova


Aim: The aim of this study is to analyze the assortment, purpose, principles of work, and commodity characteristics of medical thermometers, which are present in the modern pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. Materials and Methods: Logical and analytical methods were used for the analysis of the data of specialized literature and the regulatory legal framework, as well as the data of the state registration, which are presented in the state register of medical equipment and medical products in the group: Medical thermometers. Results and Discussion: The commercial product range of medical thermometers, their varieties and structural features, and principles of work is analyzed. The data from our carried out research work indicate the relevance of further study for this assortment segment of medical products to systematize medical thermometers and analyze in detail the consumer characteristics of them. Conclusions: Based on the analysis of the Ukrainian market, it was established that the dominant positions in the range of medical thermometers were occupied by foreign manufacturers from China, Japan, USA, Great Britain, and Germany. Ukraine needed to improve its own research in the field of development of new types of this product, as well as to take over the experience of foreign manufacturers regarding the variety of additional functions for thermometers, their range, and methods of their manufacture.

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