Evaluation of antiarthritic activity of Synedrella nodiflora plant extracts

M. Sangeetha


Aim: This study aims to evaluate the antiarthritic activity of chloroform and ethanolic extracts of Synedrella nodiflora. Materials and Methods: Plant was collected and then powdered; the powdered plant was then cold macerated with 70% v/v of ethanol and chloroform for 48 h and 72 h, respectively. Both extracts, after the subsequent time, were concentrated to a syrupy mass in Soxhlet apparatus under reduced pressure and desiccated. Protein denaturation assay is based on the effect of plant extract to inhibit the happening of denaturation of protein from heat. We evaluated the potency of the plant extract to encumber the denaturation of protein. It was calculated in percentage and absorbance was studied at 660 nm. Results and Discussion: On increasing concentrations, it exhibited different percentage inhibition. Among chloroform and ethanol extract, ethanolic extract was found to be equally effective when compared to standard drug diclofenac sodium. In antidenaturation assay, the effect of plant extract was determined on the basis of its potential to inhibit the denaturation of the protein. Conclusion: Study indicates that the plant extract has the potency to exhibit antiarthritic activity and can be used to proceed with further in vivo studies and also the isolation of principle constituent.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v12i01.1519


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