Antimycobacterial activity of Gynura procumbens leaves extract against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Muhammad Isrul


Introduction: Tuberculosis (TB) has existed for millennia and remains a major global health problem. The main challenge of TB treatment is the resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Therefore, there is a need to develop new drugs to combat those resistant M. tuberculosis. Continuous efforts are underway in the search for novel bioactive compounds and bioactive compounds of natural origin, particularly from plants, are gaining significance. Gynura procumbens is one of the plants used as traditional medicine. In Konawe district of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, G. procumbens leave had been used as TB treatment. The present study was designed to investigate the antimycobacterial activity of G. procumbens leaves extract and its phytochemical composition. Materials and Methods: G. procumbens Leaves were extracted by maceration, and antimycobacterial evaluation was conducted using microscopic observation drug susceptibility method. Results: G. procumbens extract at 500 ppm has antimycobacterial activity against M. tuberculosis Strain H37Rv and multidrug-resistant. Phytochemical screening of the extract revealed the presence of flavonoids and terpenes. Conclusion: The study revealed G. procumbens extract potentially to be developed as a traditional medicine formulation for TB treatment and further studies on isolation of active principles from extracts, and their bioactive determinations are to be carried out.

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