The monitoring of the irregular disturbances in the arctic on the basis of the processing data of the distributed network of the geophysical observatories

Oleg R. Kuzichkin


Background and Objective: The article discusses a data processing method for geomagnetic field of the earth on a distributed network of geophysical observatories. Method: The proposed method allows to detect and monitor irregular disturbances of the geomagnetic field, evaluate their options, determine the epicenter of the occurrence of disturbances and to estimate the parameters of the epicenter. For monitoring irregular disturbances in the Arctic the application of the developed method would prevent the effects of strong magnetic storms and substorms: Failure of cable lines, railway, accidents and damage to transformers, electronic equipment, and other ground-based technological systems. The article the effect of magnetic substorms on technical objects and biosphere of the Arctic area also examines, the organization of monitoring of geomagnetic disturbances describes, the mechanism of advanced and distributed processing irregular disturbances describes. Results: The results of approbation of the proposed methods and algorithms on a real example are this article. Conclusion: The application of the developed approaches allowed to increase the precision of determining the epicentral zone, the direction of the propagation and the intensity of geomagnetic disturbances. In addition, the ambiguity of the definition of the epicenter is completely gone, all other local extrema of the value of the correlation coefficient are not >0.78. At the same time, in the processing, the possible loss of the measuring point is due to a preselection of informative areas on them, by the primary processing of geomagnetic waves.

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