Research of powders of the cryolyophilized xenoderm of porcine skin

Vons Bohdana


Introduction: Cryolyophilized xenoderm is widely used in the treatment of burn wounds in medical institutions of Ukraine. Therefore, the purpose of this work was to study the properties of the crushed substrate of the cryolyophilized xenoderm of porcine skin to substantiate the possibility and feasibility of using it in pharmaceutical technology for the development of new dosage forms. Methods: Exploring the crushed substrate of the cryolyophilized xenoderm of porcine skin studied fluidity, bulk density, tapped density, Carr index, angle of repose, shape, and particle size; elemental and amino acid composition was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography, respectively. Results: The qualitative composition and the quantitative content of macro- and microelements and amino acids in the cryolyophilized xenoderm for epidermis and dermis layer have been defined using microscopic and pharmaco-technological tests for powders. Conclusion: It is determined that the pharmacotechnological properties of the dermis powder have better flowability characteristics than epidermis. The elemental composition of the epidermis and dermis (13 elements) has been studied. Quantitative content of 16 amino acids in the dermis and epidermis has been identified and determined.

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