Phytochemical and in vitro thrombolytic activity evaluation of Cassia siamea L., Leguminosae leaf extracts, and pyrogallol

Mrs. Mamillapalli Vani


Aim: The aim of the study was to carry out total phenolic content determination followed by in vitro thrombolytic studies of aqueous and alcoholic extracts of Cassia siamea L., extracts and pyrogallol. Materials and Methods: The plant leaf aqueous and alcoholic extractive values, preliminary phytochemical screening followed by total phenolic content was determined. Further, the plant extracts and one of the plant active constituents’ pyrogallol were studied for in vitro thrombolytic activity using streptokinase (SK) as standard in human venous blood. Results and Discussion: The extractive values were found to be 15.0 and 13.2 w/w for aqueous and alcoholic extracts. The plant extracts showed the presence of phenolics and flavonoids. The total phenolic components present in aqueous and alcoholic extracts were found to be 3 mg/g and 0.3 mg/g equivalent of pyrogallol. The aqueous extract contains more amount of phenolic substances than alcoholic extract. The percentage clot lysis was found to be 2.25% in standard SK, 14.50% in aqueous extract, 18% in the ethanolic extract, and 17.75% in pyrogallol, respectively. The ethanolic extract exhibited better thrombolytic activity than aqueous extract. Pyrogallol also exhibited equivalent thrombolytic activity compared to standard. Conclusion: The results indicate that ethanolic extract exhibited thrombolytic activity which may be due to hydrolysable tannin pyrogallol. Further studies are required to isolate the responsible component from the ethanolic extract and pyrogallol can be studied for mechanism of action studies

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