Determination of biochemical constituents of Argan essential oil and its antimicrobial efficacy against tinea infections of Trichophyton rubrum

S. M. Shakeel Iqubal


Background: The aim of this study to focus on these tinea infections caused by the mold Trichophyton rubrum by collecting the clinical specimens by means of skin scraping samples from the affected sites of the patients and to evaluate the susceptibility of the isolates of the obtained clinical specimens toward the Argan essential oil. A rapid phytochemical analysis study was also performed. Materials and Methods: Argan essential oil procured from Jeddah local market, clinical skin scrape samples from the patient. The phytochemical study was done to find out the chemical compounds present in the Argan essential oil, which plays a key role in determining the antimicrobial efficacy of the Argan essential oil. Results and Discussion: The interpretation of the observation and results for the Argan essential oil showed the promising study results. Regarding its efficacy as potential antifungal agents when compared to that of the standard synthetic chemical agents used against the clinical skin scrape isolates of T. rubrum. Conclusion: The phytochemical compounds present in the Argan essential oil acts as an effective remedy toward the clinical skin scrape isolates of T. rubrum compared to the standard antifungal agents.

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