A critical review on Nidra (sleep) in the light of Brihattrayi (greater trio of ayurveda literature)

Kunal Ojha


Sleep and health are often talked about together as good sleep is essential for good health. Sleep is related to all the aspects of human health, it provides satisfaction (happiness and sorrow), alertness (knowledge and unawareness), body nourishment, etc. The phenomenon of sleep is still in the ambit of ambiguity, and partial success can be claimed regarding the facts gathered by years of research, experiments and experiences. The concept and the details provided Ayurvedic texts can help in answering the various questions related sleep, sleep health, etc. Sleep health is an important part when health is being studied, epidemiological studies suggest that improper of disturbed sleep is part of pathogenesis of many diseases. Acharya Sushruta has regarded night sleeps one among the Ekantahitakara Viharas (absolutely whole some regimen conducive to better maintenance of health). Effect of sleep on the health depends on the timings of sleeping and waking up, efficiency of the sleep, and the duration. Improper sleep like day sleep, Prajagarana contraindicated and manifested of diseases. Hence, the present review work is aimed to explore the potentials of Nidra in disease and health conditions dealt in the Ayurvedic literature in context to Brihattrayi (Greater trio of Ayurveda classics).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v16i1.3216


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