Comparative pharmacognostical variations in stem, true root and aerial root of Tinospora cordifolia willd

Rohit Ajith Gokarn, Supriya Gokarn, Galib Galib, C. R. Harisha, Biswajyoti Patgiri


Context: Amrita (Tinospora cordifolia Willd.) an often used perennial climber used in different clinical conditions and various
researches are useful in understanding its potential, but comparative pharmacognostical study of stem, true root and aerial root is not available till date. Root of Amrita is often used in folklore medicine. As true root is not abundantly available, aerial roots may be considered in the place of true root. Objective: The present study was designed to evaluate the similarities between stem, true root, aerial root and to substantiate the use of aerial root in place of true root. Materials and Methods: Macroscopic, microscopic and histochemical study of fresh samples of stem, aerial root and true root of Amrita was carried out. Results: The distinctive character
of stem shows dominant pericyclic fibre and pith. True root is devoid of pith where as aerial root has condensed pith consisting of lignified parenchyma. Conclusion: Specific individual characters of stem and true root and similar characters of aerial root were evident.
Key words: Aerial root, Amrita, microscopy, pharmacognosy, true root


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