Clinical evaluation of Samshodhana(Vamana Karma) therapy andSamshamana (Pathadi Ghana Vati) therapy in the management of prediabetes

Umesh Choudhary


Am: Ayurvedic text vividly described the clinical feature of Vataja, Pittaja, and Kaphaja Prameha, which
indicates the preclinical stage/early stage/subclinical features of diabetes mellitus (DM). Variety of
pharmacological and non pharmacological measures have been described for the management of the different
kind of Prameha/prediabetes with a wide range of lifestyle modification, herbal, mineral, and herbo-mineral
formulation for the treatment of Prameha including Madhumeha. Therefore, the highly evolved description of
Ayurvedic therapeutics in the line of prevention and management of Prameha/prediabetes, it seems to explore
the possibilities of developing an Ayurveda- inspired line of Samshodhana therapy and Samshamana therapy in
the management of prediabetes and prevention of Type-2 DM for contemporary use today. Study Design: The
present parallel study was conducted on 60 patients treated with Samshodhana (Vamana measures) therapy
and Samshamana (Pathadi Ghana Vati) therapy along with the control group treated with the modern drug
(metformin, 500 mg, OD). After completion of trial treatment, the results were statistically analyzed on SPSS
16.0. Results: The observation will be made regarding clinical symptomatology, body mass index, fasting
blood sugar, and postprandial blood sugar. This study reveals that patients have good improvement, and no
unwanted effects were noted at the end of therapy. Conclusion: Such type exercise through Ayurvedic approach
not only provides a new dimension for the management of prediabetics but up to some extent it also checks
prediabetics progression to diabetics.

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