Ensuring a rational nature management in the transition of land use onto the basin principles and organization of large nature protection areas

Yulia V. Yudina


Background and Objective: It is proposed to use the basin concept of organization of the territory as a preliminary stage of a detailed design of the functional zoning of the natural park. The principles of creating natural parks are substantiated. Materials and Methods: The projects for basin nature management in the Vorskla and Gotnya river basins in the Belgorod region were implemented within the framework of the concept of the basin nature management, which was approved by order of the Government of the Belgorod Region No. 166-rp dated 27.02.2012. Results: The project works on the basin-based nature management and functional zoning of the natural park were carried out on the basis of integration of geoanalytical procedures with spatially distributed information using ArcGIS. The developed measures will improve the ecological stability of the area of the river Vorskla and the River Gotnya, and in the natural park «Hotmyzhsky» the following functional zones have been created: Reserved, specially protected, recreational, cognitive tourism, protection of historical and cultural sites, servicing of visitors, and economic purposes. Conclusion: The application of basin principles of organization of the territory allows optimizing the structure of the land resources of the territory, improving its ecological stability, and outlining the main functional zones, among which may include nature parks.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22377/ijgp.v11i03.1172


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