Pharmacognostic and pharmacological screening of Ageratum conyzoides stem extract for its antianxiety potential

Dr. Meenu Mehta


Objective: The current study assessed the antianxiety potential of standardized stem extracts of Ageratum conyzoides. Materials and Methods: Methanol extract of A. conyzoides stem was prepared using Soxhlet apparatus. Phytochemical investigation was done using standard procedures. Fractionation of methanol extract was done using liquid-liquid extraction. Methanol extract and its fractions (ethyl acetate and butanol) were evaluated for antianxiety potential using elevated plus maze model. Results and Discussion: The methanol extract gave the yield of 12% w/w and its ethyl acetate and butanol fractions gave 5.03% w/w and 2.0% w/w, respectively. The methanol extract of A. conyzoides showed a significant increase in mean of a number of entries by mice in open arms and average time spent when compared to control group. Results revealed that ethyl acetate fraction was responsible for its anxiolytic effect. Conclusion: The present study validates the traditional claim of A. conyzoides as anxiolytic drug as methanol extract of stem produced a significant antianxiety effect.

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