Phytochemical study and bioefficacy of Terminalia chebula Retz. against some human pathogens

Geeta Singh, Padma Kumar, Alka Jindal


Objective: The antimicrobial activity of flavonoids of different parts (leaf, stem, stem bark, fruits) of T. chebula have been evaluated against seven bacterial (Gram +ve and Gram −ve) and three fungal strains. Materials and Methods: These flavonoids were screenedfor their antimicrobial activity by Disc Diffusion Assay. Minimum inhibitory concentration of the extracts was evaluated through micro broth dilution method, while minimum bactericidal/fungicidal concentration was determined by sub culturing the relevant samples.
Results: In antimicrobial assay highest activity was observed by free flavanoid of fruits (IZ 30.83 mm, AI 1.39 + 0.024) against
Enterobacter aerogenes. The range of minimum inhibitory concentration of tested extracts was 0.039-0.625 mg/ml while minimum bactericidal/fungicidal concentration ranged from 0.078-1.25 mg/ml. Conclusion: Result reveals that all the eight tested plant extracts inhibit the growth of selected pathogens, indicating broad spectrum bioactive nature of selected plant and hence can be exploited for future plant based antimicrobials.
Key words: Terminalia chebula, Enterobacter aerogenes, minimum inhibitory concentration, minimum bactericidal/fungicidal
concentration, antibacterial activity, antifungal activity, total activity

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