Anti-termite and therapeutic uses of various plant essential oils from family Rutaceae: A review

Dr. Ravi Kant Upadhyay


This review article explains the use of various plant essential oils (EOs) and its formulations in termite control.
Plant EOs and its components show multiple deleterious effects such as toxic, antifeedant, repellent, growth, and
reproductive inhibitory activity in number of insect pest species. These active components delay egg maturation
and development in insects. Plant EOs constituents display contact and systemic action and primarily used as
poison baits to control soil termite. This article points out the importance of the use of plant origin termiticides/
biopesticides and botanical methods to control termite menace. These alternate methods could be used to minimize
the risk of poisoning of food chain, soil, and aqueous environment. This article also suggests wider use of EO-based
multicomponent low-cost anti-termite formulations/methods to replace highly toxic synthetic pesticides.

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