Phyto-physicochemical and high-performance thin layer chromatography investigation of root of Cadaba farinosa, Forsk

Prof. U. B. Telrandhe


Background: Cadaba farinosa, Forsk belongs to family Capparidaceae, traditionally used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Despite of its popular medicinal utilization, still no conclusive study has been reported so far regarding the pharmacognostical standardization. Objective: The present investigation was focused to scientifically establish the standard monograph of C. farinosa on the basis of its physicochemical and phytochemical parameters. Materials and Methods: Various physicochemical parameters such as ash values, extractive values, foreign organic matter, moisture content, reaction of powdered drug with different chemicals, and fluorescence analysis of C. farinosa were determined for ascertaining the quality of crude drug. The preliminary qualitative and quantitative phytochemical analysis, various inorganic minerals, and heavy metals along with high-performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) of C. farinosa were performed. Results: The physicochemical parameters were established. The various phytochemicals such as phenolic compounds, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, and tannins were present in both ethyl acetate and aqueous extract, while sugars and carbohydrates, protein, amino acid, saponin, gums, and mucilage were present in aqueous extract. Steroids are only present in ethyl acetate extract. Terpenoid, fixed oil, and fats were absent in both the extracts. Various inorganic minerals and heavy metals were present in C. farinosa. The HPTLC fingerprinting of various phytochemical in ethyl acetate extract was done. Conclusion: The obtained data would serve as a useful guide toward establishing pharmacognostic standards, identification, assessing purity, standardization, and preparation of monograph of C. farinosa.

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